Architectural Photography


Architectural Photography

Architecture, like people, want to look their best when being photographed. From the overall building down to the details that really make the buildings unique, my background in Architecture allows me to help you showcase the character defining features of your building.

Architectural photography pricing is broken down into two sections: Creative Fees, and Licensing Fees.

Creative Fees

starting from
$175 // Per Residential Unit
$200 // Per Office Space
$250 // Per Commercial Building

The creative fee is where you are paying for my time, experience, and talents as a photographer. This includes pre-planning, scouting the location, taking the photos, processing the photos, and preparing the photos for delivery. Creative fee per building will vary based on building type, building size and complexity as well as scope of work.

Licensing Fees

Licensing fees are highly variable and dependent on the intended use(s) of the photo and duration of use. Licensing fees are per photo and per intended use. Tell me more about your project to get an estimate! Iā€™m more than happy to work with you to try and meet your budget.

Fees and Prices subject to change without further notice.