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My passion for photography started when my family moved from the small suburban town of Vancouver, WA to the mega city of Shanghai, China over 18 years ago.  As the years went by, I began to broaden my interests in photography to include portraits, events, and action.  I enjoy capturing and documenting moments as they unfold before my eyes.  I enjoy creating and composing images as pieces of art.  

In addition to photography, I developed complementary interests in architecture and design.  I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Georgia Tech and my Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon.  I am currently pursuing my architectural license.  I have always had an interest in architecture and design. I believe that things should be designed to make sense and have often found that the simplest solution to be the best solution.  

Currently, I shoot with a wide variety of cameras including Nikon D810, Nikon D300, Olympus OM-D EM5, Sony NEX-5r, Pentax K1000 SE, and an iPhone Xs.