My friend Jeff wanted to document the last days of his 20s.  So he asked me if I could take some portraits of him a couple days before his 30th birthday.  This gave me an opportunity to use my lighting setup that has been sitting around unused for the last few years.  I kind of miss taking studio portraits and playing with speedlights.  The setup was relatively simple--I had a clean off white wall, two speedlights and a window in Jeff's home.  I used the window as the key light, one flash for the fill light and another for the hair light.  There wasn't a lot of room to set up and I didn't have a second light stand so I made due with what was available.  For being my first set of "studio" portraits in a few years, I was pretty satisfied with the results.  As the shoot progressed, I was able to get a bit more light reflecting off of his eyes.  A couple of the photos I played around with a sepia toned processing.  These are the results, hope you enjoy.

Timothy NiouComment