Perseid Meteor Shower

Peak night to view the Perseid meteor shower, new moon, and clear skies--perfect scenario to go and take some photos.  I decided to go to Sherrard Point on top of Larch Mountain.  It seemed like a pretty nice location to catch some stars with Mt. Hood in the background.  Unfortunately there were some fires earlier in the day that created a lot of haze throughout the day and into the night, so the visibility along the horizon wasn't ideal and Mt. Hood was barely visible.  Regardless, it was still a great location.

It was actually quite crowded with a large range of people.  Most were pleasant, some were funny, and some were downright obnoxious. But overall it was a good crowd to watch some meteors streak across the sky with.  Half of the people up there would "ohh" and "ahhh" at a meteor across and that was promptly followed by a "dang it, I missed it!".  And then a group of kids came up to smoke weed and kind of ruined it for everyone else up there.  

Anyhow, here are some photos I captured.  I attempted to do a time-lapse but it did not turn out as I had hoped it would be.  Oh well.  There's always next time!  For being my first attempt at capturing the stars in the night sky, I will gladly accept these results.

Timothy Niou1 Comment