Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography

Weddings are a combination of all sorts of emotions. Allow me to help you capture these precious memories for you to enjoy and look back upon now and years later. From the hours of preparation before the ceremony to the last dance move set to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, I will be there to make sure each moment gets captured.

Wedding photography pricing is broken down into three sections: Session Fees, Printing Prices, and Digital File Fees.

Session Fees

starting from
$1500 // Half Day - Gold Session
$2400 // Full Day - Platinum Session

The session fee is where you are paying for my time, experience, and talents as a photographer. This includes taking the photos, processing the photos, and preparing the photos for delivery. All sessions also include a pre-session meeting to discuss ideas such as locations and style of photos for intended use etc.

A full day lasts up to 8 hours of coverage and would include everything such as the bride, groom, and bridal party getting ready, a “first-look”, portraits of the bride and groom, photos with the bridal party, the ceremony, family photos, and reception photos.

A half day lasts up to 4 hours of coverage and would include the essentials of what is most important to you.

About a month after the session, I will provide a proof book of the edited images for you to view and pick the prints that you would like.

Print Prices

starting from
$10 // Wallets (set of 8)
$5 // 4” x 6”
$15 // 8” x 12”
$30 // 12” x 18”
$50 // 16” x 24”
$75 // 20” x 30”

I believe that photos are best enjoyed when they are physically printed—they won’t get buried and lost in the digital world. Because of that, I don’t like print packages that include a high markup in price for photo sizes that you may not want. Instead, I offer the chance for you to pick the print sizes that you want for any of the edited photos at far more reasonable prices than any packages that can be found. I also let you know the price of these prints up front so you won’t be surprised when it comes time to view the photos available for print. All prints are professionally printed on archival quality paper. Albums and other products available upon request.

Digital File Fees

$20 // Per edited Hi-Res Image
$250 // All edited Hi-Res Images
$50 // All edited Social Media Images

Often times photographers will not offer hi-res digital images to the clients because they fear that they would lose potential revenue from their prints. When photographers do offer hi-res digital images, they do so at a seemingly inflated cost because they must factor in potential revenue loss from the images, a business model that is borrowed from commercial photography. From the clients perspective, it is absurd to pay $500 for digital pictures that they are going to only upload to Facebook or Instagram. I offer an affordable option for hi-res files if you would like to print your own photos as well as a lo-res alternative for social media and small sized prints.

Purchase $75 or more in prints, receive all edited Lo-Res digital images free.
Purchase $300 or more in prints, receive all edited Hi-Res digital images free.

Fees and Prices subject to change without further notice.