Pricing - Social Media Content

Social Media Content

You have an awesome idea, product, and/or lifestyle to promote on social media. Let me help you display the best possible image that you can post on all of your social media accounts.

Social Media Content pricing is broken down into two sections: Shooting Fees, and Licensing Fees.

Shooting Fees

starting from
$175 // Per Campaign

The shooting fee is where you are paying for my time, experience, and talents as a photographer. This includes taking the photos, processing the photos, and preparing the photos for delivery. Each social media campaign is unique so let us discuss what you have planned! Then we can come up with a successful game plan to execute your ideas.

Licensing Fees

$XX // Per edited Hi-Res Digital Images
$XX // All edited Hi-Res Digital Images
$XX // All edited Lo-Res Digital Images

Licensing fees are highly variable and dependent on the intended use and duration of the photos. Contact me and we can discuss in more detail.

Fees and Prices subject to change without further notice.